About Us

We are a non-profit organization with Memberships, Rentals, and monthly Fish Fry's.  Currently we have 250 members and appreciate all their support.

Volunteer Members clean the grounds, buildings and mow. If you see something to be done or trash emptied, please pick up after yourself and others that don't know any better.

Thank you to all that volunteer their time and hard work.


 July 4, 1953 a group of local young men who loved to hunt and trap shoot spoke to the local owners, Ed Moffitt, whose ground was swamp land, others followed.  


In 2009 it wasn't very deep and was filled with  tractor tires, muddy sludge, with the deepest part being only 6 feet.  Thanks to the Lewis Tamplin Trust Fund, Valerie Stanley organized Weiser Excavating to drain and clean the lake to make it end up being 14-16 feet deep, and 12 acre private lake.


We would like to keep any tree planting around lake to be at least 25 feet from bank of lake. The root system, leaves, and limbs aren't healthy for the lake.




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